About the program


The main goal of MSc in Management program is to share theoretical knowledge in the management field and effective ways of its practical application with the students. MSc in Management program mainly focuses on understanding and examining the concepts of company management and its individual functioning areas. In today's business environment, when we see increasing trends of globalization and competitiveness, comprehensive knowledge represents main asset and, at some degree, guarantees success.


Program duration


MSc in Management is non-flexible, part-time program. Students register on the predetermined number of courses per semester and have graduation after 2 years.

Entry requirements


The target segment of the program is any Bachelor level or equivalent certified specialist, who has a motivation to acquire knowledge of management issues. Admission criteria and process to the program are as follows:


  • Undergraduate degree
  • No working experience is required
  • Positive score on Unified Postgraduate National Admission Exam
  • Positive score on CSB GMAT type internal test
  • Interview
  • Cover letter
  • Two letters of recommendation


Program language: Georgian