The Master’s Program in Economics has been developed in consultation with professors of economics from the universities of Bulgaria, Belgium and Magdeburg as well as Florida State University. The program envisages training of personnel in the field of economics.


Why should you choose our program?


  • The Master’s Program in Economics provides the graduate with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to pursue a career in the field of economics and to become a competitive specialist on the international market.
  • The knowledge they receive from fundamental and special economic disciplines will allow the graduates to: assess the economic policy of the state; understand the rules of how the market economy functions at micro, macro and international levels; master the modern principles of transition economies, labor economy, monetary and political economy, regional integration and international trade.
  • The school has signed Memorandums of Cooperation with both governmental and private sectors in Georgia to support the teaching of the Master's Program in Economics.


Duration of the program

Minimum 2 years; maximum 4 years.