Program Overview

Bachelor program in Diplomacy and International Relations aims to graduate young specialists with fundamental knowledge of fundamental principles, processes and theories of international relations. Students comprehend the interdisciplinary nature of the field and have a general understanding of field related disciplines; understand the importance of scientific study of international politics and are equipped with relevant research and practical skills.  They are able to analyze historical and ongoing international political processes and identify the nature and interests of different actors in international relations, including Georgia. Program graduates are able to prepare empirically grounded research papers on different professional concepts and ideas and can communicate freely on professional matters, including in foreign language. They are equipped with universal values of humankind and are able to comprehend values of justice and democracy and strive to strengthen them. Specialists with above mentioned knowledge, skills and values will meet the requirements of the labor market for IR specialists as well as will be able to continue their studies to the next stage of higher education – graduate studies.  


Mission of the Caucasus University is to prepare graduates „for local and international markets, through research-oriented teaching and learning, competitive, highly-qualified, morally-grounded professionals committed to the ideals of democracy and thus satisfy society’s educational needs and requirements “. 


Program objectives are fully in line with the mission of the Caucasus University. These objectives illustrate what knowledge, skills and competencies it can provide for its students and how it can contribute to the development of this field and society.