Dr. Kakha Shengelia visits New Jersey City University (USA)

17 August 2023

Dr. Kakha Shengelia, president of Caucasus University, was on a working visit to New Jersey City University (USA) within the framework of the joint 3-year cyber security program.


Within the framework of the visit, working meetings were held with the Dean of New Jersey City University Business School and College of Professional Studies, Marvin Walker, and heads of various departments.


The parties discussed the status of the program, viewed the laboratories and infrastructure that the students of the cyber security program will benefit from while studying in the US during their third year.


The joint 3-year cyber security program is the first precedent in Georgia. It allows applicants to study at the bachelor's level for only 3 years and receive degrees from two universities, study abroad at a leading American university, and receive knowledge from international-level foreign or Georgian professors.


New Jersey City University, located in New Jersey, USA, is one of the few institutions in the country with federal mandates in both cybersecurity and intelligence, and its cyber defense program has been named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE- CDE).


After completing the cyber security program, the graduate will be able to:


  • Describe security design principles and define security mechanisms to implement the required security principles
  • Analyze complex computational problems and select the appropriate algorithm for solving them
  • Use programming principles, computer systems, latest approaches and technological tools in practice
  • Assess a typical, complex system architecture and identify potential risks, vulnerabilities, and points where specific security technologies/methods should be applied
  • Determine which cryptographic protocols, tools, and techniques are appropriate for a given situation
  • Detect malicious activities and attacks on the system and choose appropriate response measures
  • Conduct incident response activities and assist in cybercrime investigations
  • Appreciate and share with others the values, ethical and social responsibility related to the field


Program code in the applicant directory - 1220113


For more information about the program, visit the link.