Irodion Todua

Legal Issues of Informational Rights and Freedom

Natia Ghonghadze

Legal Regime of Domain Name

Tariel Chincharauli

Administrative fees and  their application in practice (practical faults and legal innovations)

Davit Nozadze

International Railway and Air Carriers in International Trade Law

Irakli Sakvarelidze

Retio between Trade Marks and other subjects of Intelectual Propety Law

Zurab Kakabadze

Main conceptual problems of legal regulations of foreign investments

Nino Arveladze

Legal basis of disputable arrangements

Ketevan Khurodze

Legal Regulation of Letter of Credit (Comparative legal research)

Ekaterine Shubitidze

Causes of International Double Taxation and the ways of avoiding it

Irakli Kalandadze

Rights and Obligations of Public Officials in Georgia

Nino Kakhiani

ანალიზი) the ways of VAT calculation and legal aspects of its payment (Comparative legal research)

Ekaterine Gogoladze

Executives’ Duty of Care and its significance  in running a corporation

Irakli Khuntsaridze

The Future Enhancement of victim’s role in international criminal justice

Nino Shalamberidze


Conflict of interest in Corporate Law

Mikhail Ujmajuridze

Cyber Crime

Revaz Bakuridze

Challenges of person’s identification and the ways of its development

Tamar Gegelia

Some problematic issues of incomplete crime

Konstantine Janjgava

Legal aspects of ფolklore protection

Khatuna Kakabadze

Freedom of Information and ways of  giving public information

Salome Meskhi

Specific issues of Human trafficking

Davit Aslamadze

Tax Control in the State Control System (Comparative legal analysis)

Tinatin Samkharadze

Peculiarities of trial in the Court of Appeal in accordance with Georgian Civil Process Code  (Comparative legal analysis) 

Giorgi Mchedlishvili

The right of property and the basis of its limitation ( Comparative legal analysis on the example of Georgia and International practice)

Ketevan Jeladze

International Principles of regulating securities markets; Georgian reality and current trends

Naatia Kakhetelidze

Violation of Duty and its legal consequences

Tatia Chikhladze

Types of claim in administrative process

Ana Chanturia

Standards of secuties regulation in Georgia: prospects of global financial challenges and changes according to international standards

Irakli Kemularia

Administrative proceedings as a pre-condition of making lawful and appropriate decision

Leri Guledani

Income Tax  (Comparative legal analysis)

Ana Sutidze

The reights of contractual parties in a leasing agreement ( Comparative legal analysis)

Tamar Nikoladze

Leasing Agreement

Dali Gabelia

Influence of European Standards on Development of Legal Framework of the Freedom of Peaceful Assembly in Georgia

Mariam Giorgobiani

International Agreement as a subject of international and national laws

Ana Kvantaliani

Ways of protection from harmful influence of information

Nino Sarishvili

Basic legal and conceptual aspects of the World Trade Organization

Bakhva Bregvadze

Is abolition of torture absolute in the modern world?

Bachana Surmava

The jury trail  (Comparative legal analysis)

Tamar Japaridze

Legal Nature od Administrative Agreement ( Comparative legal analysis)

Tea Kikuashvili

Legal Nature of Permanent Spousal Support Agreement

Nato Varazanashvili

Legal Regulation of Bank Secrecy  ( Comparative legal analysis)

Dima Maghradze

Trade Regulations of Genetically Modified Organisms and Developing Countries

Nino Gegidze

Ground for Civil Responsibility in the case of Damage caused by faulty goods

Irakli Jishkariani

Peculiarities of investigation of murders in uncertain circumstances

Irakli Khoshtaria

Rights of Stockholders and problems associated with exercise of the right in Georgia

Levan Papava

Evidence obtained from minors when dealing with a violent crime; application of tactical ways of interrogation.

Tebea Gogisvanidze

Right to property on movables

Sopho Meshvelishvili

New legislative changes in Georgian Contractual Law (Comparative legal analysis using an example of Leasing Agreement)

Nato Razmadze

Problems of Corporate administration in Joint Stock Companies operating in Georgia and  mechanisms of their elimination

Paata Salia

 Public Offering of Securities. Comparative analysis: the best international practice and legislation on securities in Georgia

Zoia Kakulashvili

Primary conditions of insurance agreement (comparative analysis)

Eka Razmadze

Limited Liability Company in Georgian-Americal Legislature

Nino Sajaia

Lex Mercatoria – Legal Regulator of International Trade Relations

Sopho Janiashvili

Opting for a legislation in International Contract Law

Salome Kakhniashvili

Corporate Management and Liability of  Executived in Joint Stock Companies

Tamar Merkviladze

Peculiarities of Insurance Agreements in Civil Law

Eka Kikadze

Damages arising from Contracts on the example of Georgia, Continental Europe and Anglo-American Countries (Comparative legal analysis)

Tamar Tsomaia


Comparative legal analysis of duty preferences

Nino Lortkipanidze

Legal Problems of peaceful regulation of international conflicts within international organizations

Gvantsa Tsulukidze

Legitimacy of power application by the state against terrorist organizations

Nino Svanidze

Legal conseguences of meeting liabilities by a third party on behalf of a debtor

Mariam Naneishvili

Surety as a security for credit in Banking Law

Lasha Beridze

Decision in Civil Process

Tea Kvirikashvili

Legal Protection of Refugees

Nino Kobadze

Proximation of Georgian Competition Law with European Legislation. Control of State aid.

Maia Kukava

Legal Control of Risks in Commercial Banks

Ana Janashvili

Arbitrate Decision. Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitrate decision

Sopho Gardava

Legal Risks of Bank Credits

Alexandre Cheishvili

Registered loan as a means of security for Bank Credit

Anri Khonelidze

Corporate bodies in different systems of corporate management

Nino Jishkariani

Analysis of corporate management

Vakhtang Gorganeli

Liability of public officials

Temur Gomarteli

Legal analysis of governing bodies of Joint Stock Companies (Comparative legal analyisis on the example of the USA, Germany and Georgia)

Maka Lapachishvili


Rights of Stockholders in a Joint Stock Copany

Pikria Kalichava

Frenchising (Comparative legal rsearch)

Sopo Gogolauri

Integrity and Duty of Loyalty of Corporate top management

Otar Gzirishvili

Changed Circumstances (difficulties of enforcement and force majeure)

Nino Megeneishvili

Liability of Administrative bodies for damages incurred by public officials

Paata Lokhishvili

Tax Regimes of Free Trade Areas (Comparative legal analysis)

Gana Gogitidze

Conflict of interest in Public Service

Rodami Aslamazashvili

Criminal liability of minors; important challenges and ways of sulutiion

Giorgi Getiashvili

Punishment, alternative measures and ways of their enforcement with minors (Comparative legal analysis)

Gvantsa Naskidashvili

Contractual Freedom and the institute of lawful agreement in private legal relations    

Nino Kevkhishvili

Ways of offering property as security and challenges of their enforcement (comparative analyss of legislation and court practice)

Nino Nikolaishvili

Pre-conditions of withdrawal from  agreement and its legal consequences (comparative-legal analysis)

Nino Ganjelashvili

Legal state of an individual enterprise

Tamar Nutsubidze

Maintaining lawful principle when dismissing an official

Nana Charkhoshvili

Preliminary legal protection of  a party’s rights in administrative procedure law

Tamar Megrelishvili

State Control of local gorvernance bodies in Georgia

Maria Samkharauli

Fundamental corporate changes in the capitalist society (comparative-legal analysis)

Nino Samkharauli

Protection of Corporation’s solvency

Teona Khosroshvili

Mortgage as a security for credit (problems of termination, transfer and successivness according to the types of mortgage)

Mariam Gobejishvili

Jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal (Comparative-legal analysis)

Rusudan Gelashvili

Presumptions in Civil and Civil Process Law

Davit Aarabuli

Insolvent Debtor’s Rehabilitation

Lana Paichadze

Circumstances ruling out civil liability and particular manifestations of duty without proving guilt (according to the general part of Law of Obligations)

Tamar Bibiluri

Property Rights of Spouces (Comparative-legal analysis)

Ia Nemsadze

Grounds for receiving and rejecting inheritance

Mikheil Jinjolia

Some Important issues of sentencing in Criminal Law and Court Practice

Nino Panjikidze

Risks of Satisfying Creditors when selling mortgaged property

Tinatin Kvatsbaia

Money as a specific object of private law

Khatia Nadibaidze

Local governance bodies as a means of efficient governance (comparative-legal research)

Mikheil Kiria

Liability without guilt and grounds for freedom from liability in Tort Law

Ana Tevdoradze

Analysis of the grounds for obligation termination

Mako Mamadashvili

Models of Constitutional Control (Comparative Analysis)

Elene Tuskia

Mediation in Georgia (legislative novelties, prospects of development)

Nino Kokinadze

Impossibility of carrying out contractual obligations

Lilia Iaseshvili


Bank warranty – as a means of regulation of modern contractual relations

Ana Kamkhadze

Problems of customer rights in electronic contracts in the light of the EU policy

Tamar Veltauri

Agreement on cooperation in construction business

Nino Soziashvili

Life-Insurance – Social and Legal aspects

Tea Buadze

Obligatin of furnishing information in customer agreements

Nino Abakelia


Property protection through legal means


Ana Botsvadze

Regulation of Securities Market and Investor protection

Nino Mkheidze

Moral Damage and Reimbursement (comparative legal study of Georgian Legislation and Common Law systems)

Tamar Gvasalia

The role of investigation data in criminal process

Ana Mchedlishvili

Sexually abused minors in criminal process.

Na Sabakhtarishvili

Tax Offence and Liability

Juli Kochiashvili

Copyright protection in Georgian Law and by International Conventions

Gavardashvili Tamar

Recognition and Enforcement of a foreign court’s sentence

Tamazashvili Natia

Wronful medical action as a ground for legal responsibility

Lursmanashvili Ana


Civil Responsibility for Violation of Contractual Obligations

Chaladze Mariam

Standard terms and conditions of agreements (mechanisms for protection of customers’ rights)

Mebonia Giorgi

Enterprise Management and Management Liability

Chulukhadze Davit

Peculiarities of Arbitrate Court

Londaridze Giorgi

Problems of Securing and Using Evidence in Criminal Law Process in Georgia

Chankseliani Irina

The meaning of “Investment” in International Agreements and its significance in the jurisdiction of International Tribunal

Katmadze Tamar

 The grounds for civil liability when having no guilt in Georgian Civil Code

Uberi Tatia

Grounds for Casation  in Civil Law Procedures (Comparative analysis)

Lapachishvili Ilia

Corporate Management in Georgian Commercial Banks, existing problems and legal mechanisms of their solution

Gogadze Otar

Credit agreement in Bank Law (Comparative analysis)

Kikalishvili Nika

Stocks as a type of securities and their legal regulations

Beridze Archil

piercing) Perosnal Personal Liability of Partners (Piercing the corporate veil)

Kolbaia Tinatin

Assignment of claim and transfer of debt 

Shamatava Irakli

Legal Mechanisms of Enforcement (Peculiarities of Arbitrate Court decisions and Documents issued by the Notary)

Tsgareishvili Givi

Ground for Appeal (Comparative legal analysis)

Tabatadze nana

Simplified processes in the legislation of Georgia, Russia and Germany

Gogashvili Manana

Legal nature of unilateral agreement  and unilateral arrangements

Macharashvili Mariami

Problems of competition of contractual and tort obligations in Civil Law

Bekuridze Teona

Legal issues of derivative claim

Avalishvili Ketevani

Monitoring bank accounts as a means of investigation

Gudushauri Elene

Bona fide ownership –revealing titled and untitled ownership

Zarandia Salome

Problems of Propety use and management in condominiums

Pruidze Tinatini

Problem of succession in property law

Skhirtladze Akaki

Liability of owners in damages caused in the course of exploitation of motor vehicles

Petriashvili Keti

Mechanisms of defense of creditors and partners in insolvent LLCs.

Gotsadze Giorgi

Conflict of legal interests of owners and proprietors

Zibzibadze Lika

Third parties in Administrative Process

Gagua Ana

Administrative claim as a means of right’s protection

Gogoadze Maia

Paculiarities of tort obligations in Georgian Jurispudence

Diakonidze Melita

Legal organization of military reserve service in Georgia

Takaishvili Giorgi

Competencies of local self-governing bodies in Georgia

Shengelia Ana

Issues of regulating damages in Insurance Law (Comparative -legal research)

Burjanadze Eteri

Detention of Minors and Mediation (Efficiency of Restorative Justice compared to criminal liability of minors)

Sakhamberidze Lela

Motor vehicle offences and administrative responsibility

Sisvadze Gigi

Liability for breaking licensing terms and conditions

Aslanishvili Lasha

Drug abuse (acute problems and ways of their solution)

Tsirekidze rakli

Plea Bargaining in Georgia

Tkebuchava Tamari

Legal regulations of family violence in Georgia

Murtskhvaladze Nato

Liabilities of Influential stockholders in Corporate Law

Akhpateli Tamaz

Meaning of will in interpreting contractual norms

Peradze Alexsandre

Depriviation of property because of necessary public need and protection of the proprietor’s rights when interfering in property rights

Potskhverashvili Giorgi

Opting for legislation in international commercial transactions

Dzidziguri Mariami

Legal liability caused by medical mistake and the relations between a doctor and a patience (informed consent)

Gorgodze Ana

Comparison of unjust enrichment on the examples of Continental Europe and Anglo-American law system countries

Jakhveladze Otar

Marriage Contract and causes of its non-use

Dzigushvili Giorgi

Financial security in Georgian legal environment (comparative analysis)

Davit Bughadze

)Problems of minority stockholders’ rights protection ???? (comparative legal analysis)

Salome Bezhashvili

Preconditions of development of securities market in the countries of transitional economy

Kurashvili Nino

Agreement on public order as a ground for rejecting recognition and enforcement of court and Arbitrate decision.

Dobadzishvili Nino

Criminal persecution according to Georgian Procedural Law