Georgia's European integration

23 March 2023

On March 22, at Caucasus University, with the support of the Democracy Support Center - National Endowment for Democracy, within the framework of the project "Promoting Civic Education and Engagement in Georgia", a public lecture was held on the topic - Georgia's European integration.


The meeting was chaired by Tamar Khulordava (co-founder of Egeria Solutions and senior consultant on issues of democracy and governance, former chairman of the European Integration Committee of the Parliament)


The following topics were discussed at the meeting:


  • What is required for Georgia to join the European Union and obtain candidate status;
  • European Union structure, functions, values;
  • Georgia's path, challenges and recommendations (what should be done);
  • What benefits can EU membership bring to Georgia (on the example of EU member states);
  • What do the 12 points tell us and why and how should they be fulfilled?


At the end of the meeting, the participants were given certificates.