University Week of Human Rights Law

5 December 2022

On December 3, as part of the University Week of Human Rights Law, a public lecture was held in the conference hall of Caucasus University on the topic: The legality of acts restricting basic rights during the state of emergency declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The lecture was led by Nika Simonishvili - Chairman of the Association of Young Lawyers of Georgia.


Within the framework of the public lecture, the legality of the restrictions established by the government during the state of emergency and, accordingly, the legitimacy of the restriction of basic human rights were discussed.  


The lecture also discussed the norm appealed by GYLA to the Constitutional Court, which provides for the implementation of administrative proceedings for the scoping report and environmental decisions provided by the "Environmental Assessment Code" during a state of emergency, without conducting a public hearing, which limits public participation in the environmental decision-making process.