The following issues will be discussed during the course:


  • Introduction to Hotel Management (historical overview, hotel classification systems, industry growth trends);
  • The essence of the accommodation industry and hotel services;
  • The main services of hotels and the peculiarities of their functioning;
  • Hotel and hotel room classification systems;
  • Hotel prices and pricing policy;
  • Procedures for premature arrivals and late discharges;
  • Hotel organization and front office;
  • Booking (the importance of booking for travelers and hotels, review of the booking system, sources, booking procedures by guests);
  • Meaning of booking letter confirmation;
  • Registration of guests (the importance of the first contact with the guest, collection of guest data, guest registration procedure, registration of the allocated room);
  • Problematic situations and solutions;
  • Payment to the guest (general accounting practice of the front office, payment and payment forms and procedures);
  • Discharging guests (Procedures Necessary for discharging guests, Guest Stories).