Calligraphy Competition for Students - My Handwriting

30 March 2021

Within the project "I love Georgian - My State Language", a calligraphy competition - "My handwriting" will be held for students on April 8, at 15:00 in the conference hall of Caucasus University.


Students will choose an aphorism, phrase or an expression to write. The registration deadline is April 6 (visit the link). Time limit: 40 minutes.


Chairman of the Commission: Professor Buba Kudava. Members of the Commission: Nugzar Skhirtladze, Davit Natroshvili, Eka Chikvaidze, Nino Popiashvili, Mariam Manjgaladze, Vidas Kavaliauskas.


Supporters of the event are:


  • State Language Department
  • National Parliamentary Library of Georgia
  • Embassy of Georgia in Lithuania
  • A group of Georgian Friends of the Lithuanian Parliament