Cyber Security League

26 November 2022

With the participation of Georgian schools, a cyber security league was established, wherein a yearly team championship will be held between students in grades 10 through 12 on a seasonal basis (once in 3 months). The league was organized by the Cyber Security Center of Caucasus University and the Scientific Cyber Security Association.


The second hackathon/tour will be held on November 26, at 10:30, in the conference hall of Caucasus University.


The hackathon is open to teams made up of students from classes 10-12. The team should consist of at least two and no more than four students.


The teams will complete cyber security / hacking tasks on a specially prepared platform, with the tasks presented on the platform tailored to the appropriate age group.


Those who wish to participate can register at the link 


The deadline for registration is December 1.