CU Affiliate Professor Tsisana Bibileishvili turned 80

9 January 2024

Ms. Tsisana Bibileishvili, affiliated professor at Caucasus University, turned 80 years old. Her noteworthy contributions have made her a renowned scientist and educator, earning her numerous titles and honors. In 2017, Ms. Tsisana received a certificate from the Patriarchate of Georgia in recognition of her significant contributions to the research of Georgian culture and manuscript studies;


In 2019, Ms. Tsisana received the Geronti Kikodze Literary Prize for the best translation of the year; In 2022, she received the highest award of the Ministry of Culture of France, the "Order of Arts and Letters," in recognition of her special services to French culture. Ms. Tsisana Bibileishvili received the aforementioned award from the Ambassador of France to Georgia, Mr. Diego Colas, during the diploma award ceremony for the CU graduates of 2022 at Caucasus University. The ceremony was attended by the employees of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, the Georgian National Center of Manuscripts, the French Institute of Georgia and the French Embassy in Tbilisi, as well as invited honorary doctors of Caucasus University: Bernard Outtier (France), Fernando Leon Garcia (Mexico), Tshiilidzi Marvala (South Africa), Askar Akayev (Kyrgyzstan), professors and students of Georgian universities and scientific circles.  


Ms. Tsisana Bibileishvili has authored over 40 scientific works in both Georgian and Russian languages. In addition, she has published 35 scientific and 56 artistic translations. Her works are characterized by academic and professional integrity, and meticulous attention to detail.


Ms. Tsisana has released 5 different dictionaries, with the most important being the Georgian-French phraseological dictionary, which echoes her qualification work. There was no analogue of this dictionary before and it soon became a bibliographic rarity. She has also served as co-author and editor of a three-volume French-Georgian dictionary. Alongside her lexicographical contributions, Ms. Tsisana continues her work in translation.


In addition to scientific translations, she has translated about 60 artistic works. Among them: novels by Stéphane Mallarmé, André Maurois, Hervé Bazin, Romain Rolland, Pierre Daninos, Maurice Druon, Jacques Prévert, Jules Verne, Prosper Mérimée, Romain Gary, Catherine Lovey, Elisa Shua Dusapin, and others.


In addition to her prolific work in scientific research and translation, Tsisana Bibileishvili is actively involved in teaching. Since 2007, she has been teaching French at Caucasus University. She always has time for her students and enthusiastically shares their successes.  


Despite her remarkable achievements and exemplary contributions, Ms. Tsisana lives a modest life, serving as an example for her friends, colleagues, and students through her daily activities. She contributes greatly to the Georgian-French humanitarian science, for which we thank her once again; we thank her for her outstanding human qualities and selfless, devoted service to science.


Congratulations to Ms. Tsisana Bibileishvili on her 80th birthday, we wish her many more successes in her professional activities.