Dean's Welcome


Welcome to Caucasus Medicine School!


I'm glad you're here now and reading the information about the medical program. We are honored that you will spend 6 years of study with us.


In the short time since the establishment of Caucasus Medical School, the program has quickly grown into one of the most dynamic, distinguished and exceptional schools.


The school has 3 programs – MD (Medical Doctor) Program, MD (Medical Doctor) Program in English and a master's program in Public Health. The purpose of each program is to provide students with competitive, qualified, highly ethical, in-depth and systematic knowledge, also with relevant skills required for local and international labor markets. Prepare medical graduates and public health professionals with competencies and professional values that meet the requirements of society. This also ensures the implementation of the mission of Caucasus University.


The postgraduate medical education program is based on the Georgian national qualifications framework, sectoral characteristics of higher medical education and current legislation, as well as the world quality development standards of the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) and the guidelines of the International Association of Medical Education (AMEE). The program is also accredited by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), which recognizes the education obtained by graduates of MD (Medical Doctor) Programs in the United States and abroad, allowing them to be employed and continue their education in any country.


The core of the program is a partially vertically and horizontally integrated curriculum based on a model of institutional education of the highest standard, cooperative group learning, active personal self-study and intensive practical skills acquisition. The compulsory teaching of English in the program will promote the use of the latest high-level textbooks, international medical scientific publications and other latest information resources in both teaching and learning methods. Our state-of-the-art technical and laboratory equipment will help:


  • You to become professional doctor with a sense of responsibility, dignity and morality;
  • You to become a doctor of the highest competence, possessing a wide range of medical knowledge and skills and the ability to solve the problems necessary for your profession;
  • You to become ambitious doctor committed to self-development and lifelong learning;
  • You to become leading healthcare professionals playing leadership roles in a variety of professional fields in Georgia and beyond.


We wish you success!