Students Life


CU Graduation - Every year Caucasus University holds a grand graduation ceremony for graduates. The presentation of honorary doctorates to local and international partners, as well as the presentation of the university president's award to the best students (4.0 GPA), is an important part of the event. The grand cap-tossing ceremony concludes with a student After Party.


Welcome Party - Every year, Caucasus University hosts a welcome party for new students. The president of Caucasus University, Dr. Kakha Shengelia, and the deans of the schools address the freshmen at the event. The event is accompanied by music and concludes with grand fireworks and a ceremonial cake cutting.


CU New Year - Every year, there is a grand celebration of the New Year on the Caucasus University campus. The campus is festively decorated, and various activities for students and alumni, such as the Student Area, Christmas Market, and Secret Santa, are planned and implemented.


CU Halloween Day - Halloween celebration has become a tradition at Caucasus University. Each year, students are greeted with Halloween-appropriate decorations on campus. On this day, a suitable mood prevails, and various events for students are held


CU Valentine's Day - Every year, students on the CU campus are treated to special decorations and fun surprises. The campus's central hall is decorated following the theme of Valentine's Day. CU Secret Valentine is traditionally held, and gifts, letters, and secret messages are given to participants and recipients.


Employment Forum - Every year, an employment forum is held at Caucasus University for students and graduates. The event is attended by a number of prominent local and international organizations. Students meet the invited companies and obtain the necessary information.