Master class - "The Art of Calligraphy - a Journey from the Past to the Future"

25 March 2023

On March 24, at CU, the Caucasus University and the Georgian Calligraphers Association, within the framework of the project "I love Georgian - my state language", conducted Davit Maisuradze and Giorgi Sisauri’s master class : "The art of calligraphy - a journey from the past to the future".


Giorgi Sisauri’s and Davit Maisuradze’s works are preserved in the collections of the British Queen, the British National Library, the Vatican and other important collections; In New York - at the headquarters of the United Nations. Their exhibits were shown in numerous places around Europe and Asia, including Cairo, Alexandria, Dubai, Sofia, Berlin, and Milan.


The master class included two stages: performance and practical part. At the first stage, calligraphers demonstrated their calligraphic activity - Georgian calligraphy as a unique direction of modern art. After the performance, the art and technique of writing was introduced to the audience, who had the opportunity to try the art of calligraphy under the guidance of professionals who shared the secret of ink and pen with them.


The event is part of the project "I love Georgian - my state language!", the author of which is the professor of Caucasus University - Mariam Manjgaladze. The project was successfully implemented in Vilnius University, Lithuania, on April 14, 2016, and since then, it has been held every year at Caucasus University in various interesting formats.