President of the Caucasus University met with CU ambassadors

13 July 2023

On July 13, a formal introductory meeting was held at the CU bookstore "Librarea" between the Caucasus University President Dr. Kakha Shengelia and the Caucasus University ambassadors.


The Caucasus University Ambassadors Program was introduced for the first time this year by the initiative of the Student and Organizational Events Service and brings together 16 outstanding students from all eleven CU schools.


16 ambassadors, selected based on their exceptional academic performance, skills, diverse interests and international academic experiences, will be involved in improving student life at Caucasus University for 1 year and creating an inclusive atmosphere for local and international students.


The program of university ambassadors is an internationally proven method, which serves to increase the involvement of students and, through them, to make student life even more active.


At the end of the meeting, the president of Caucasus University presented the ambassadors with specially made branded T-shirts and pins.