The Bachelor’s program is Law comprises no less than 240 ECTS with 60 ECTS per year and 30 ECTS per semester. Accordingly, the possible length of the program is four years. Each academic year consists of two semesters, each lasting for 20 weeks; thus the academic year lasts 40 weeks. 1 ECTS equals to 25 hours comprising contact hours (lectures, seminars, practical classes, etc) and independent hours of work (for Midterm and Final exams, for doing homework assignments and presentations).


After expiration of the time period prescribed for Bachelor’s Program, students having academic debts are allowed to go on education by taking additional semesters (no more than four) and retain the student’s status.


180  ECTS are allocated for acquiring competencies required for the profession, out of which 140 ECTS are allowed for mandatory courses of the specialty, 40  ECTS for optional courses and 22 ECTS for practical courses aimed at acquiring practical skills.


25 ECTS are allocated for the module of foreign languages (English) and 13  ECTS for general courses common for the whole University.



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